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Import from Xtream-codes

HOWTO: Import from Xtream-codes

1. Login into

2. Select [Xtream-codes Import], [Import Subscription Lines]

Here you will see a drop down to select if the password column is being imported or not and a large text area to paste into

If you plan to use the internal generator or the ability to send/resend set-up information (currently a future feature) then you will need to import the passwords. 

3. Login into xtream-codes panel and select the [Manage Lines] panel.

4. Click the first record and wish to import and then press SHIFT on the keyboard and select the last record you wish to import.

5. Press CTRL and C to copy the selected grid

6. Switch back to and press CTRL and P to paste the grid into the large text area

7. Now click IMPORT. will now import the copied grid into the system and refresh the webpage to view the newly imported data.

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